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  1. "Whitewater II"

    Port Canaveral, FL.
    Capt. Mike Kane, Capt. Bob Myer
    (321) 768-0685
  2. "Ticket"
    Port Canaveral, FL.
    Capt. Ed Dwyer, Russ Sinclair
    (321) 631-3321
  3. "B & B"
    Palm Beach, FL.
    Bahamas Capt. Walter Robinson
  4. "Highlander"
    New Smyrna, FL
    Capt. Jay Wilson, Capt. John Huff
  5. "Release"
    Hatteras, NC
    Capt. Rom Whitaker, Capt. Elson Myers
  6. "Weekend Hooker"
    Bahamas, Capt. Earnie Stallings
  7. "LENA"
    CocoaBeach/Port Canaveral, FL
    Capt. Bob Levine
  8. "Marlin Mischief"
    Maui, HI
    Capt Rick Medenwald
  9. Energizer Sportfishing
    Morehead City, NC
    Capt. Pete Zook
  10. Beeline Charters
    Capt. HB, Capt Billy
    407-402-2753, 407-948-3940
  11. Micheals Hunting & Fishing
    Capt. Ward Micheals
  12. Fish Box Charters
    Port Canaveral, FL
    Capt. Lee Meyers
    (321) 536-4873
  13. "Wave Paver"
    Capt. Jr. Davis
  14. "The Osprey"
    Port Canaveral, FL
    Capt. Jim Coffee
  15. "Rene’s Obsession"
    Orlando, FL
    Capt. Rene Talamos,Mark Simpson
  16. "Tuner"
    Gainesville, FL
    Capt. Wiley Horton
  17. Fish'N Tripp
    Capt Scott Tripp
  1. Cool Beans Fishing Charters
    Capt. Tim Fletcher
  2. Bite Me Charters
    Chad Norris
    Port Canaveral, FL
  3. Sea Leveler Sport Fishing Charters
    Greg Rapp
    Port Canaveral, FL
  4. Temporary Insanity Charters
    Capt. Bob Norris
    Port Canaveral, FL
    & Bamahas
  5. Ofishal Business Charters
    Capt. Alex Sorice
  6. Miss Bea Havin
    Captain Hiram's - Sebastian, FL
    Captain Jim Brown
    Kevin Sheppard (Mate)
  7. Whitey's Too
    Sebastian Inlet, Fl
    Capt. Justin Stovall and Capt. Sherrie Stovall
  8. Captain Barry Corzine
  9. Captain Adam Hermsen
    CR Gamefish Sportfishing
    Playa Junquillal, Costa Rica
    011 (506) 371-4418
  10. Captain Mark Wilson
    Port Canaveral, FL
    Bahamas Islands
    (321) 537-8028
  11. Capt. Bill Thomas
    Savanna Lynn Charters
    (407) 469-3547
    (407) 948-3940, cell
  12. Louis Sougné
    Brasilia fishing charter
    (Belgium): +32 4 380 39 93
    (Azores): +351 967 57 92 24
  13. Backin' Down Sportfishing
    Captain: Don Withers
    Mate: J.D. Chunn
    Daytona Beach, FL
  14. Saltwater Cracker Fishing Charters
    Capt. Gary Griner
    East and West Coast
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